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home servicesMore often than not, I find myself looking for a business that offers services that are related to my home. Things like a garden service, or a domestic cleaning service or even just a company that offers a window cleaning service. This is actually a ‘biggie’ for me because my house is built on a mountain slope and some of the windows require a really long ladder paired up with a brave individual that will risk his life climbing it. Okay, so maybe that is a little melodramatic, but if you stood outside my house you’d appreciate my sentiment.

Over time I’ve found myself searching the internet for these individual services, often times wandering what I should type into Google to find what I’m actually looking for. The thought that always runs through my mind while doing this is, “Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a directory that listed different services business that focused on homes.” This way I would have a single place where I could go to irrespective of whether I was looking to hire the services of a plumber or an electrician or even a painter.

I looked around online and saw that these directories were present internationally, but I found nothing that was local to Cape Town which is where I live. Thus, I decided that I’ll follow the age old saying of, ‘If you see a need that is not being met, meet it’. So here I am, putting together what I’ll refer to as an evolving directory of domestic business services.

Now I thought I’d go a step further than simply listing a bunch of businesses. That would be a good start, but I know how overwhelming it can be when you are looking for a type of service that you have never used before. How much should they charge? What questions should you be asking them? How do you establish if they’re really the best value for money? These are all questions that I ask myself all the time. So I decided that rather than just putting out a whole lot of business names listed under different services, I would lean on my past experience and that of industry to offer some valuable insights and advice that could make choosing the right company at the best spend, that much easier.

So, welcome to Cape Home Services. I trust that you will find value in this resource. Feel free to bookmark us and check in once in a while to see additional resources that we have added since your last visit.

If you have any resources that you would like to see added or if you’d like to reach us for any reason whatsoever, please use the contact form to the right of this page. We look forward to hearing from you.